22 Aug

Conditions of enrollment

1. Age is 18-55 years old and you do not have a history of the following diseases (asthma, gastrointestinal ulcers, sinusitis, sore throat, kidney and liver diseases, heart disease or nervous system, blood diseases and diabetes). Are not allergic to the product under study or to any of the medicines belonging to the same family.

2. You should not be addicted, have no history of alcohol addiction, and have not been exposed to any addictive substances. You are not a heavy smoker (more than ten cigarettes a day) haven’t donated blood or any of their contents during the two months prior to giving the medicine.

3. You should agree and approve not to take any medicines (including prescription drugs) at least two weeks prior to the study and during the course of the study. You should also stop smoking and drinking any beverages containing alcohol or caffeine such as (coffee and tea and cola) before taking the drug and during the study

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